Hi, Hello,Hey! Day 1

Just going to let anyone know before they read any further that this probably won’t be very interesting, I’ve been nervous to start a blog because I know a lot of this will be about how much I love cake and wish I was asleep…

Back before Christmas me and my two work friends, who also happen to be some of my favorite people, were discussing plans for the new year. The plan was New Years Day I would start a blog, document 2016 and it would be great. Anyway here we are May 5th and It’s Day One. They encouraged me to start this because I do really enjoy writing and I felt it may help me with my confidence. Yet this is what stopped me writing this any earlier, I knew my life wasn’t interesting, the way I write isn’t good and sometimes I get a bit sad and I don’t want to spread negative vibes.

This blog is called tearsofpositivity because I love to be positive, I bloody love making people smile and the tears bit is there because I get sad sometimes, like everyone we all get upset sometimes. I also get anxious a lot about myself and then I find myself being silly and stressing about stupid things.

Anyway I’m Amber, I dream of being a disney princess and I would like to write a post everyday but I probably won’t….

I’d be happy just to be able to look back on myself and look at what I’ve achieved and how I’ve improved within my writing.

I’ll be back tomorrow with day two, hopefully will be a bit more exciting than today’s…

Cheers for reading, we’re basically best friends now ❤



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