Death by Hot Sauce. Day 2

Today has been full of happy and giddy emotions, I got so many lovely comments from yesterdays blog and that I finally decided to fight my anxiety’s and start blogging! Hurray ❤

Anyway I feel today has been one of those days that proves useful for blogging as it’s one I’d like to look back on, some really simple things have just made me so positive! Started the day with hanging out with one of my closest friends, we both woke up feeling a bit tired and lazy but I am very glad we chose to hang out and not cancel as I managed to finally get my hands on some tangled tsum tsums (for those of you unaware of the tsums, they are magical things and also very dangerous for the pockets of Disney obsessives like me.) We ate McDonalds which made me rather happy, their frozen strawberry lemonade is currently the light of my life and is seriously yummy! Also my friend fell a bit unwell the other day and passed out which super scared me but was good to be able to check how he was doing and ensuring I’m doing good friend duties!

Spent the rest of the afternoon trying to make myself look cute, my outfit today was very Melanie Martinez inspired. Spent a good half an hour trying to make a perfect heart shape with eye liner on my cheek… Went into town this evening and spent the bus journey there and back jamming to Melanie Martinez (in case you haven’t noticed she is my current inspiration for my outfits and just in general.)


(tried to be as cute as Melanie and failed terribly oops. Although I got told I looked like a summer fairy by a women in a corner shop and that’s good enough!)

This evening was one of the best few hours I’ve had in such a long time, felt a little down recently and I am just so glad I went along as I had so much fun! Went to the restaurant Turtle Bay with some of the lovely people I used to work with. However brave you think you are, if you not you can’t handle hot food… DO NOT even risk ordering something which says it includes ‘Indian Hot Sauce.’ I have never felt so close to death, my eyes and nose were streaming and I never thought a Salmon Toastie could cause so much pain! Anyway our fantastic waitress noticed, probably didn’t want to risk me dying or anything so got me some milk and it helped, all was positive once again :’) Did make me end up cry laughing too… Made me realize that I do have so many truly incredible people in my life and they make me be my favorite Amber, who isn’t anxious to talk and be herself. Super looking forward to next time, although may avoid eating anything if we head to Turtle Bay and stick to the cocktails… I love you all and thank you for such a wonderful night ❤


(me and the squad before the toastie incident, unfortunately don’t have any pictures of said toastie, but it looked like a cheese toastie with Salmon in but was much more evil inside so just imagine that…)

Anyway I’m going to head off to sleep now and maybe eat some cake because I can really.. I’m enjoying this blog thing so hopefully tomorrow will give me inspiration to write something fun. Thank you for reading all of this, may not know you are reading but hope I can spread some positivity your way and that you have a lovely Saturday ❤



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