Sleepy Saturday. Day 3

So nearly gave up on day 3 (well done me.) Knew how stupid it would be for me to drop this so quickly just because I haven’t felt great today. So this may be the worst thing you ever read but anyway day three ❤

Literally had no sleep last night, I have no idea if I did sleep as I was super heavy headed, achy and  had the stuffiest nose ever which meant my body decided it was time for an all night party of tossing and turning… So all day I’ve been rather exhausted and felt pretty down, also having the whole cold kinda thing meant you lose your taste and smell for a while and I decided I wanted to get a Chocolate Chip Frappe thing from costa but sadly only got the smallest smidge of chocolate taste through but it’s okay theres always more costa days…

Managed to cheer myself up a bit this afternoon with a marathon of TV, including Gogglebox where I noticed the boy who has the dad with a very long beard and the mum with very groovy red hair was rocking a Slaves tee, which made me smile because more people need to listen to Slaves… They have made 2016 for me in music already. Also watched a lot of Micheal McIntyre and so many people I know seem to have a deep hatred for him but there is something about him that just makes me giggle for hours even though today’s giggles were rather sneezed filled oops ❤

Also I had a couple of songs that I have been playing on loop all day long because they make me smile so will link those below…

Vengaboys – We Like To Party  throwing it back a bit with this one, but seriously it’s one of the best songs of all time and if you need something to lift your spirits, the vengaboys are the ones!

Melanie Martinez – Sippy Cup as explained in yesterdays blog I just adore Melanie and this song has just got me through today, my lovely friend Millie is also seeing her live in London right now and has been giving me little updates all day and it’s just so exciting ah ❤

Tomorrow is looking to be a lot better though, going to get myself out and do some nice things! I’m glad I have told myself to keep going with this though as now I’ve written all this out I do feel better and I hope all you guys who have been reading aren’t to bored of me yet ❤

Love and fairy dust….

Amber x


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