Wye Serai in the Sunshine! Day 4.

Happy Sunday ❤ and what a happy one it was! Officially the warmest day of the year so far and I finally do not have a pure shade of white anymore… I’m kinda red! Decided that I wasn’t going to sit inside all day and feel sorry for myself and went and did some work with my favorite gals down in Symonds Yat today as part of the Wye Valley River Festival.


We stewarded in the gorgeous sunshine, also got to go on some nice little walks and of course see all the fantastic performers and instillation’s the festival had to offer! Although to get back to the car afterwards we walked 600 meters all up hill and up a lot of steps and it was rather horrendous. No positivity could be had there. 1200 meters just walking from the car and back, we must of also done a few thousand more steps around the site. Also found out the squad talent is completely owning competitions. Bit of a game on today to turn Rockstar names into something to do with plants and trees… We got some incredible ones together like – Akorn, Little Twigs, Alexandra Birch and many many more, think we won though! Also could not stop giggling at one of the performers who was an Irish gnome who caught ants who then turns them into massive monsters and then told us the Lochness monster is actually just a giant ant…


(think me and Chloe made the landscape just a little more beautiful!)

One thing I seriously suggest you do though is get your bums down to the final events of the Wye Valley River Festival, I’ve been to a couple of the dates and help set one of the instillation’s up and it is an event you do not want to miss! Something for everyone and all is free, also organised by some of the loveliest people in the universe ❤



Anyway I hope you have all been soaking in the sunshine and having a lovely and happy day! Fingers crossed the sun is here to stay and I can carry on getting my tan on!

See you tomorrow!

Amber x



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