Come on down! Day 6…

As if it’s day 6! I’ve somewhat nearly committed to this for a week! Hurray ❤ I had so much fun with my disney tag yesterday, I can’t wait for the day I can blog all about a trip to Disney, that makes me so excited squee…

Today at work we talked about game shows and what game shows we thought we would somehow win, I love a good game show although my general knowledge isn’t really that large. In the end I came to the conclusion that Niamh suggested that my best bet is to go on that Shane Richie show where you have to sing that missing line in a song to win some money, I’m constantly singing so I feel I could rock that one. I do really love pointless and think if we could go as a trio myself, Chloe and Niamh may get pretty far as we are pretty clued up on different things, although mine is like food and bands… maybe dance moms too.

Me and Chloe also wish we could go on Saturday Night Take Away so if anyone wants to send in a nomination so we can meet Ant and Dec, let me know ❤ They’re my heroes

I’m currently watching Dance Moms and I just wish I was Maddie Zieglar, maybe it’s because I really love Sia but she is just the sassiest 13 year old ever, when I was 13 I was such a dweeb, sadly nothing changes.

I’ve also realised I could never survive on a Bear Grylls type program, I think I’d cry so much that they would probably through me into the sea or something…

Anyway enough TV game show talk, I’ll let you know if I ever meet Ant and Dec 😉

Lot’s of love and hugs,

Amber x


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