Day 7! Inspiring yourself and others

I’ve been blogging for a week now? That probably sounds a rubbish achievement to most but I struggle to commit to things and this is a bit of a crazy milestone for me. I’ve found within this week that blogging is good, you don’t have to tell your life story or be super beautiful to have people love your blog like I worried about. It’s helped with my anxiety as it’s somewhere to figure out how to resolve issues and how to look back on happier things and most of all I hope I’ve made someone smile. Even if you’re smiling at my stupidity I’m thrilled ❤

Thought I’d go a little into who inspires me and hopefully if you wish to look a little more into them that they may inspire you too!

To start off my whole family inspire me everyday, they are all so great in their own way and have all fought different issues that inspire me to fight mine. Also all round fantastic people who make me so bloody happy. My two work buddies Niamh and Chloe, who push me to do things that I feel may scare me a little but in the end it works out well (like blogging and origami birds which I totally cracked today by the way.) My friends Dom, Kenan and Millie, three people who in all different ways just do not care what people think of them and they inspire me to be the same. Also my buddy Alex, he has had some really shitty times yet is always so happy and wonderful, and can make me smile whenever! They are all just so fab and I love them tons. Finally my friend Leah, who is my concert go to buddy, my ukulele playing super hero and also is an incredible youtuber/journalist/blogger who I just dream of being like! ugh she’s just super talented and wonderful!

The SacconeJolys


This Vlogging family are one of my biggest inspirations everyday, they are currently going through an exceptionally hard time right now but are still somehow vlogging every single day and showing that even life for people who seem to have the perfect time, sometimes have downfalls like all of us. Of course I also dream of having that perfect relationship and family like they to do. That won’t be coming for a while though. I had the pleasure of meeting Anna and Jonathon at Summer in The City last year and they were so wonderful, that 2 minutes of meeting them just made everything better and I hope I can meet them again soon and let them know that.



11140758_10204613320361159_6933001470590849117_n (1)

Paramore are my all time favourite band, I know they are only down to Hayley and Taylor now but I know that’s going to make them ever stronger. I saw them live back in 2013 and it changed the way I felt about music, their show was nothing like I have ever seen before and I seriously cannot wait to see them again. I also have all my money saved ready for next parahoy and my cabin mates planned. I WILL NOT MISS IT AGAIN ❤ Above you can see the picture that Hayley tweeted me about, I tried to kinda look like her from the ‘Still Into You’ video and of course I didn’t look as beautiful as she did but I finally felt confident and that’s what Paramore means to me, I feel like me!

Every Disney Film ever

Being a mahossive disney lover, each story, princess and song inspires me in a different way, Disney is what I go to when I feel sad as it can always make me smile or make me dream. That’s why I feel if I ever go to disney, I would just constantly be crying out of happiness and it would be like a little dream world. Ah it just make’s me feel so giddy and excited!


Anyway, I have like a million more inspirations I could list as so many people and things all make me a better person but those are just some of them! I hope you can be inspired to do something you really want to do but maybe feel you can’t. I’m totally right behind you and I’m sure lots of others are too!

You are the amazing ❤


Amber x





One thought on “Day 7! Inspiring yourself and others

  1. 🙂 thank you so much for saying these lovely things about me! It makes my heart go weee! Thank you! You’re a wonderful person, so much more so than you think you are and its honestly an honour watching you grow into such a successful and kind person. Lets make more memories soon!


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