Feeling a tad emotional? Day 8!

So this post has been going around my head all day, it’s something that’s effected me and been all over the news this week, so I wanted to give my views on it so hopefully I don’t bore anyone too much. Pop star Meghan Trainor released her latest music video this week, although when fans watched the video they soon realized her waist had been edited in drastically. When Meghan found this out she had the video pulled and then the unedited version put up. I’m not a massive Meghan fan or megatron whatever her fans are called!? Although she does have one true banger which was the song she released for the Snoopy film! It’s positive and lovely – watch it here! That one does make me smile, I am glad that she is an icon for people of a larger figure and that she has addressed these issues within her songs. Although I would say my figure is a lot bigger than hers and I would do anything to look as flattering in all of the outfits she does!

Obviously I’m not a famous popstar or a famous anything, pretty rubbish at advice too. I’ve found since such a young age that I felt that I compare myself to other people in every way, personality, talents and of course looks. The amount of times I’ve gone home and felt so shitty or even broke down because of that is insane. If I want to be smaller obviously I could exercise but then I’ve only got myself to blame because I don’t bother too! I tred through depop and ebay looking through clothes I would die to wear but either they don’t have my size or I know my bum or boobs will look too big in them. I’ve blamed my personality and looks on the reason that nobody has really been very interested in me relationship wise, but lately I’ve realized that there is only one of me so why should I try and look like someone else or act like someone else? I have so many lovely friends who like me for being me and hopefully one day I’ll find someone who loves me for being me. It’s taken a lot of time for me to realize that. I want you all to find some happiness within yourself, I’m not just talking about people with larger figures I mean everyone. You are truly wonderful, there is only one of you so why change that? You have friends and family who love you for all different reasons and that’s because of the way you are. If anyone ever feels upset or like they are lost within themselves please just drop me a comment, I would hate to think anyone felt as bad as I did or maybe even worse.

Kinda going off point here but I totally adore Alice in Wonderland, the disney original and more so the Tim Burton film which really goes more into the point of being a little crazy is more fun! I adore going to comic con and dressing up and dreaming of being a disney princess, all which some probably think is very strange but if it makes you happy why stop? I cosplayed as Alice at Cardiff Film and Comic Con back in March and I really loved playing a character from a film that made me embrace my little quirks. ALSO VERY EXCITED TO SEE THE NEW FILM. I’M ALSO VERY RUBBISH AT MAKE UP BUT URBAN DECAY HAS RELEASED A THROUGH THE LOOKING GLACE RANGE AND I NEED IT.

sorry for the caps excitement there oops…

Anyway I hope this blog made some sense!

I love you, you little wonderful reader!

Thanks for putting up with my blogs ❤

Amber x


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