5 reasons for happiness this week, Day 9!

Happy Saturday, what gorgeous weather it has been today and now an evening of eurovision. What could be better?

Decided I would dot down 5 things that has made me really happy this week, might do this weekly? no clue…

1. The Weather

for a couple of days this week, it has actually felt like summer! The sun does make me feel a lot more positive and it just makes everything much prettier and I think everyone just feels a lot better. I cannot wait for when we have weeks and weeks without any rain!

2. Looking forward to Comic Con!

So in less than two weeks now I’ll be heading to London for MCM Comic Con, I cannot wait. I had so much fun back in October and I can’t wait to make new friends, see old ones and hopefully impress some people with my cosplay while exploring London, all so exciting!

3. Eurovision!

My favourite night of the year, hoping one day to be in the audience, or even on the stage for the UK… nudge nudge. The outfits, songs and just the whole idea that for one night of the year we have a massive televised party. Even if some of the scoring is all done politically, also Graham Norton is my hero. Always on top form with the banter!

4. Good Dye Young

Spoke in my blog a couple of days ago how Paramore are one of my main inspirations, Hayley Williams the frontwomen of the band released her hair dye line last month. All over my Facebook news feed has been so many online blogging companies and people who aren’t fans of the band praising how amazing it is! I haven’t got my hands on any of it yet but I totally plan too. Hopefully one day we will have another Paramore UK tour where I can show it off!

5. June!

So May is soon coming to an end and I am so excited for June! I’m off to see James Bay, The Last Shadow Puppets, going to Glastonbury festival and also hopefully taking some trips to London and maybe a trip to Peppa Pig land 😉 I’m going to be spending time with some of my favorite friends and making some great memories and I can’t wait to write all about it and then excitement has totally been building this week!

Those are my 5 things, probably totally boring to everyone else but they have made me feel all happy this week! Hope you have 5 and more things that have been making you happy ❤

You’re incredible!

Amber x


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