Useless Daily Blogger! Day 10,11 and 12?

I’m very sorry. I’ve kinda been a bit lazy and sleepy and not wrote for a few days. Although there hasn’t been anything truly interesting going on. Just lots of sleeping, work and repeating that really! Although I’ve been positive so it’s all good!

Just spoke to my mum whose currently visiting my Gran, there’s lots of disney stores and restaurants I love there and I so wish I could of come along, although probably best I didn’t would of spent way too much!

Although I am spending money on something very very cute soon, my amazingly talented friend Millie, does commissions and is creating me and special crybaby themed jacket and I am so so excited to see it! You can find here page – here, make sure to purchase stuff from her as all her work is so great and does everything all independently!

I’m going to wear it all the time and also wear it to comic con over my cosplay next week, which is very excited. EVERYTHING IS JUST SO EXCITING.

I feel my blogging isn’t lately so I’m super sorry, I will be very creative and try and come up with some more fun tags and things to do.


Thanks for putting up with me though, you’re fantastic and I love you lots!

Fairy dust and wishes,

Amber x



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