Exciting plans! Day 13 and 14

Eyyooo, may just update this every other day or something, just as I feel I’m not interesting to write a ton about. Lot’s of fun stuff going on this weekend though ❤

Off to do some of my event managey stuff tomorrow, tons of my friends are playing which is very excited and I can’t wait to support them all! And go to Mcdonalds, always a personal highlight there.

My two friends who are also performing tomorrow night also have a big gig on Sunday which I’m heading along too and will be a very proud moment for me as a friend and they do so much stuff for me, I totally want to be there for them!

Also I just got an email for my audition for the voice in June!! I’m kinda freaking out but it’s another thing that will help with my confidence! Fingers crossed it goes well, totally going to spend so much time rehearsing and making sure I’m okay and won’t cry haha…

I’ll update with maybe some videos soon as I choose audition songs and stuff!

Chat tomorrow or soon…

I love you all

Amber x


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